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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fluppy and Archie

Gianine and Genica were so thrilled with their new pet at school. These cute pets belonging to the species of rodents can be a good pet when trained in an early age. Guinea Pigs are usually a good family pet. With proper care and handling, they are gentle pets. They can be nervous at first but rarely bites. They are social animals and active both day and night.

Guinea Pigs are approximately 9-10 inches long and can weight up to 2-3 pounds. They have a rounded stout body with no visible tail. Guinea Pigs has many variety of breeds. The most common breeds are Abyssinian (have short coat with swirls called "rosettes"), American (with short smooth coat) and Peruvian Guinea Pigs (long haired variety).


Monday, October 20, 2008

How To Calm Your Pet When It Storms

Does your pet always seems to be scared when if ever thunder rolls or if there is a storm? Here are some tips that you can do if these incident happen:

Keep your pet safe. Fear of storms may be a cause of certain situations that your pet was left alone or outside while it is storming. Never ever leave your pet out in a storm.

Cuddle your pet. Cuddling your pet will surely bring relief.

Start Early. Helping your pet react well to storms early will help them to become more independent and less scared as they grow.

Distract your pet. Play with your pet or distract him so that he will less likely to focus on the storm.

Keep your pet inside the room or crate. If your pet is so frantic that he tries to escape or if he become destructive, keep him on confined space if that calms him.

Never ever punish a scared pet.

Play background music. This will help to distract your pet.

Finally if all these won't work, talk to your vet about medication.


Friday, October 17, 2008

Me and Maggie

Lullaby ~ Josh Groban


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Looking Back and Remembering

Taking a glimpse and remembering Maggie...

No one loves you unconditionally as your beloved pet.
Cynthia S. Dobesh, FL


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Maggie and Her Mommy ~ Farewell Maggie

To Where You Are ~ Josh Groban


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Farewell Maggie

I was so heartbroken when my friend called me last Saturday to deliver the news. I couldn't believe it when she says that our precious Maggie is now gone. I can feel the grief on my best friends voice as she tells me the whole story. Nobody ever though that that terrible thing will happen. Friday morning she is still joyful, actively playing with her mommy and their other puppies. But when evening came, she suddenly felt so weak and not moving at all. They rushed her to the animal hospital. The vet did all they can but they couldn't point out an exact diagnosis because it all happened so fast. Around 1:30 am Saturday morning, Maggie was gone.

We couldn't believe it. Maggie is always a jolly and active dog. They are looking on all the possible causes of her death. Maybe it is because of some worms. Even though her vaccines are all complete, it is still possible that she can be infected. Some says that maybe it is heatstroke because of too much heat here, but we still have no idea.

My friend is planning to get another Shar Pei but of course nothing could ever replace Maggie into our hearts. She was about to turn 1 yr old this October. Her mommy brought her a very cute dress and is planning to gave her a party. But all of the plans for her suddenly shatters. We love her so much and we will gonna miss her very badly.

To all who have loved out precious Maggie, we thank you for all the care and love that you have shown her.

Farewell Maggie. We will never forget you.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dogs on Cardiff Wales

I am glad that my nieces ZJ, Gileane and Gianine are dog lovers too. These photos are taken on Cardiff Wales UK during a parade of rescue dogs. These dogs are rescue dogs that saves children from drowning.


Friday, October 3, 2008

Sweeney and Josh

Sweeney, a cute name for a Wheaten Terrier. This very sweet dog is owned by my all time favorite artist Josh Groban. Surprised? There was some footage of Sweeney on his Awake Live DVD. You can see it on the bonus video "Behind The Big Orange Curtain".

Josh says that it is his first time to have a dog on his tour. I can see on Josh face that he is really enjoying Sweeney's company and even claimed that Sweeney is not a dog but actually a human for him. He is Josh only friend.

Josh is my favorite artist and my passion for him, his music, his voice grew stronger now that I knew that he is a dog lover too. Sweeney is so lucky to have Josh as an owner and I can see that he is a bit spoiled brat.

Here are some of the photos that I have seen over the net. I've found them here: Joshgroban.Yuku.Com


Micgui ~ The Poetic Side

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