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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cirk and Chloe

Hey guys! I would like you to meet my new babies! Cirk (supposed to be pronounce as "Kirk") and Chloe my new pet hamster. Chloe is light gray in color while Cirk is much more darker and larger than her, a darker greyish brown in color. Both of them has a black stripe down the spine common to all Chinese hamsters.

This is Chloe :)

Chloe Sleeping Over Cirk... so cute

This is my first time to have a hamster and I am really confused on how to take care of them. And not to mention, I am scared on touching them too.

This is their new house. We just used our old aquarium and put some wood shavings.

Cirk curious about what's up in there :D

That is Cirk peaking up on the little veranda we made for them.

Chloe snobbing me hehe she is more likely to come to me when called tho, compared to Cirk. Maybe she is a bit shy on this moment :)

I am really dying to touch them and play with them but as I said, I'm a scared they might bite me or what. Anyway, it is their first week on their new home and I know they are still adjusting. Patience is always a virtue :) I just spend quality time with them. I often talk to them, calling their name. Specially at night when they are more active. When I arrive from work, I say hello to them and talk to them for a while. It is really a soothing feeling and releases stress.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wrinkled Maggie

Some things are meant to be wrinkled and smelly...

In that case, you'll gonna need this... :)


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Harry and Cleo

My nieces Gileane, Gianine and Genica just got their first pet upon moving to Australia. These Peach-Faced Lovebirds, Harry and Cleo, are really very sociable animals. At first the two birds are a bit stubborn and is always biting their daddy's hand every time he took a hold of them to bring them out of the cage and play. But after a lot of effort and training, the two birds are now calm and playful to the kids. Peach-Faced are very affectionate pets toward their owners. They often perch on their daddy's shoulder and they don't have to put them on the cage for a long time too. The birds can roam free on their living room and mingle to them.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Work Of Art

I don't know the name of the bug. I was just amaze by the work of art.


Lucky To Have Lucky

My Sunday morning routine will never be boring anymore. Running is my passion. Together with my husband and sister in law, Sunday is our only best time to go jogging.

Last Sunday we met Lucky, a 9 months old Golden Retriever. He just move to our place together with his family. The first time I look at him I know already that he is a Golden Retriever for they are my favorite dog breed. Lucky's professional trainer told us that Lucky needs a lot of exercise because he is always joining on dog shows. He won 3 Best in The Show awards already.

Lucky is very friendly and kind to us. His trainer is glad too that we can accompany Lucky every week when we jog. Who is more happy? Of course me! It's like that I wanted to take him home haha! XD Just kiddin... I have here some more photos of lucky. Enjoy!

Handsome! :)

Golden Retriever is a breed of dog with high intelligence and versatility. They are also bred for search and rescue, drug detection and a guide for hunting. They are friendly and patient making them an ideal family dogs.

Golden Retrievers are generally friendly even to strangers and thus making them a poor guard dog. They are always active and fun-loving animals and the most important thing is... they love water!

Playful Moments After Exercise

As the name suggests, the Golden Retriever loves to retrieve. Whether the object is a thrown stick, tennis ball, or flying disc, retrieving can keep a dog of this breed occupied and entertained for hours, particularly if water is also involved. Goldens might also pick up and "retrieve" any object that is near to them upon their masters' arrival, all of this lending to their retriever name. Read more...

Golden Retrievers are known for their intelligence and can learn many commands and phrases. They are calm and always willing to learn. They are commonly used as guide dogs because of this. They can learn tricks easily too.


Friday, August 8, 2008

Simba's Pride

I'm sure you don't wanna mess with the King of the Jungle haha :D

My niece ZJ was able to get a chance to take a photo of Simba during the Disney Street Parade on Disney Paris. She went there with her mom and dad last month for a weekend trip.


Monday, August 4, 2008

Maggie's Favorite Past Time

Five months old Maggie is back again now with her very cute favorite pass time picture which is of course - sleeping. Putting her to sleep is not a problem at all. As soon as she finds a perfect spot, she falls into sleep in no more than 5 minutes. Yes, that quick. The only thing we've noticed on her is that she snores like a human, sometimes louder than humans. At first we mistook that sound for growling. I guess this is because of their squashed like face.


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