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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Cute Back

Hi! I'm Chloe! My mommy just love to take pictures of me and I love it too. I just knew it when my mommy is there with her camera and I just love to pose. This is me showing my lovely stripe. This stripe is common to all Chinese Hamsters but mine is a bit emphasize because of my light color. The color gray that looks like a ring around me is adorable too. Yes I am so cute haha! Thank you.

My mommy thinks that I am really growing up so fast. But not as fast as Cirk tho. Cirk is really huge. My mommy measured his length one time, he is now 2 inches long. Pretty big huh? While me, I'm still a baby and so cute :) Aside from posing for the camera, another thing that I love to do is to eat. I really love to eat. My mommy is also giving me a treat. Bananas, apples and some other types of fruits but my favorite is chocolate. But of course, not too much. My mommy says too much chocolate is not good for me.

My mommy will post more photos of me here so do visit here always okay :)



Monday, September 29, 2008

Page Rank 2

I was surprised to see this morning that my Page Rank increased. From 0 it went up to Page Rank 2. I just couldn't believe it at first. I mean I didn't know how it went up to Page Rank 2 in the first place :) Anyway, I am really happy. This only means that my blog is cool and interesting also.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Allergy Recovery

It's good to know that Maggie, our precious Shar Pei, finally recovered from her allergies. Maggie got stressed out when typhoon Frank hit our place two months ago, the reason that we don't have electricity for almost two weeks. Maggie couldn't stand the heat. My friend brought her to the veterinarian for her medication. She is also advised to take some vitamin E for quicker recovery.

There are many reasons why your pet develops an allergy. It can be with the food that they eat or some chemicals or detergents that we use on them. They can also get allergies when they stressed specially among Shar Pei's that has a very strong behavior. Physically, Shar Pei's has very sensitive paws and skin texture thats why they need extra care. Proper bathing once a week or twice a week is recommended. Aside from bathing, wiping the dog with wet towel everyday can help too. The place where your dog stays also matters. Clean the area specially the carpets, rugs, curtain etc. if your dog usually stays there. Veterinary assistance is the next thing that you should do.

Allergies on dogs, specially on Shar Pei usually lasts for weeks. Proper routine pet care however can help your pets recover quickly.


Cat Nap

I found this cute cartoon/illustration on Readers Digest. It's funny but they really do it :) I remember my cat Maxy. She has these three favorite spot in our house where she really love to take her naps. First on the couch, then the window pane and lastly, well where else could it be? on my bed haha! Phew! I just love my cat :D


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lovely Goldens

Aryann and Achilles

Guys I want you to meet Aryann and Achilles, the two lovely Golden Retrievers of my friend. Aryann and Achilles are brothers and sisters and they are both 2 years old now. Goldens are definitely my favorite dog breed and I can't wait to have a little Golden myself :)


Monday, September 1, 2008

Panda Knows Kung Fu XD

I just saw this movie yesterday (yeah, i know, I'm a bit late haha) anyway, I really enjoyed it! Super cool!


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