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Friday, July 18, 2008

Philippine's Fruit Bat on Top 10 New Species

This is Styloctenium Mindorensis, a species of large fruit bat that can be found only here in the Philippine island of Mindoro. This Mindoro striped-faced fruit bat (nickname "flying fox") ranked six on the Top 10 New Species of 2008. However it is believed that this beautiful creature is now threatened by habitat loss and hunting therefore needs conservation.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

sweet or scary?


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Captured By My Lens

I used to carry a digital camera every time I go out so that I can take an easy shot on just about anything that captured my attention. And most importantly, I love taking shots of our friend cats whenever I saw one in in the road or anywhere. Well, as always, cats are very sensitive to anything. They can easily know whether somebody is just staring at them, keeping an eye on them. And all of a sudden, they will flee. If you are not being careful and gentle at them, there is no chance that you can get close to them. Most of stray cats are like that, but there are others that is more likely to respond too.

So here I have two pictures of a common domestic cat that I have seen on my last week vacation at Boracay Island. Actually I have seen lots of them in the island but they are so difficult to be captured because of too much crowd. I know that they are scared though. We make them so scared.

The first image that I got here is an orange domestic cat that I found on Boracay Station 2 near Summers Place. It was raining that time and we are heading back to our hotel room when I spotted one running from the rain. I tried to call the cat (like doing some cat sound) and it seemed to be responding to me, looking at my direction and trying to find where the sound comes from. Until it found a spot, there it stops and finally I got a picture of it. The cat is still there at the small shelter that he found and waiting from the rain to subside. Of course I was the one who is on the rain so I have to go back when the rain started to get heavy.

The next image is a gray domestic cat that I have seen on our way from from vacation। It is the same with the orange cat only that it is gray. I was at already inside the bus when I saw it inside one of the store on the bus terminal. I was glad because I know that that cat has a home.

Seeing a cat is an unexplainable feeling for me. Actually I was fond of almost all of the animals or pets but I can say that cats has a very special place in my heart. I will never cease on taking pictures of them and loving them.


Friday, July 4, 2008

The Real Life Of Baby Cat

I saw this video on you tube about this cat named Lily which they called as Baby Cat. I was really amaze by the behavior of this cat towards its owner. It is seems to be a very loyal cat, intelligent and wanted to be with his owner all the time. Most of the cats just wanted to be alone but when you show affection to them they will certainly love you unconditionally.

Another thing that I've learned about Baby Cat is that there is actually a book series written by Lily's owner Tim Steffen and Susan Ann Thornton based on the real life of their pet Lily. The
title of the book is "The Adventures of Baby Cat in Cherry Grove". In the story, Lily offers an exciting adventures and another point of view on this beach community called Cherry Grove which is the one we have seen on the video. I think its a pretty good book and going to have one if I had a chance.

There is much to learn about Baby Cat. All of the cat lover's out there should never miss the fun and inspiring life of Baby Cat. Visit Baby Cat's Official Site to know more.


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Rescued From Typhoon Frank

Typhoon Frank, an unexpected disaster, not only left a stigma on all the residents here in Western Visayas and other parts of the country but also left many of our animal friends homeless, alone and scared.

Mike and I was at the backyard, checking around the house for possible danger brought by strong wind and heavy rain that we come to notice a bird being carried away by the storm. At first we are hesitant to get it but we saw that the bird is being thrown up many times by the wind. So we decided to get it. I was thinking that the best thing to do that time is to keep the bird until the storm is over and set it free afterwards.

We think that the bird was a Philippine Water Kingfisher, because of its long beak and duck like feet. I know that the bird doesn't want to be put inside the cage but it is much better than to be left outside the storm. So we put the bird inside the cage and provide water and food.

Two days after the storm subsides, it is finally time to go. It is a beautiful day and I know the bird is very eager to go home too. As we open the cage, we are surprised that the bird doesn't go out quickly but kinda confused as it stares at us. I said that its gonna be ok instead, and the storm is gone. The bird suddenly leaped joyfully out of the cage.

It was a very heartwarming feeling. To be able to help in time of need, no matter if it is a human or animal, brings me joy that I can never imagine.


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