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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Rescued From Typhoon Frank

Typhoon Frank, an unexpected disaster, not only left a stigma on all the residents here in Western Visayas and other parts of the country but also left many of our animal friends homeless, alone and scared.

Mike and I was at the backyard, checking around the house for possible danger brought by strong wind and heavy rain that we come to notice a bird being carried away by the storm. At first we are hesitant to get it but we saw that the bird is being thrown up many times by the wind. So we decided to get it. I was thinking that the best thing to do that time is to keep the bird until the storm is over and set it free afterwards.

We think that the bird was a Philippine Water Kingfisher, because of its long beak and duck like feet. I know that the bird doesn't want to be put inside the cage but it is much better than to be left outside the storm. So we put the bird inside the cage and provide water and food.

Two days after the storm subsides, it is finally time to go. It is a beautiful day and I know the bird is very eager to go home too. As we open the cage, we are surprised that the bird doesn't go out quickly but kinda confused as it stares at us. I said that its gonna be ok instead, and the storm is gone. The bird suddenly leaped joyfully out of the cage.

It was a very heartwarming feeling. To be able to help in time of need, no matter if it is a human or animal, brings me joy that I can never imagine.


Micgui ~ The Poetic Side

Photography by Imijin

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