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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fluppy and Archie

Gianine and Genica were so thrilled with their new pet at school. These cute pets belonging to the species of rodents can be a good pet when trained in an early age. Guinea Pigs are usually a good family pet. With proper care and handling, they are gentle pets. They can be nervous at first but rarely bites. They are social animals and active both day and night.

Guinea Pigs are approximately 9-10 inches long and can weight up to 2-3 pounds. They have a rounded stout body with no visible tail. Guinea Pigs has many variety of breeds. The most common breeds are Abyssinian (have short coat with swirls called "rosettes"), American (with short smooth coat) and Peruvian Guinea Pigs (long haired variety).


Micgui ~ The Poetic Side

Photography by Imijin

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