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Monday, February 2, 2009


Genica, my niece living in Australia, is never been happier now that there is another member of their family. Last week a baby lovebird suddenly showed in their doorstep looking for a shelter. Her dad thought that maybe the bird has lost his track or has lost his family so they have decided to keep the bird so that proper care and attention can be given to him. Bumper was the name they gave him because he always bumps on walls and sliding doors. At first, Bumper was kinda uncomfortable on his new home specially that there are other two lovebirds (Harry and Cleo) living in there. Harry and Cleo are Peached-Faced Lovebirds while Bumper's color has a blue-green mask.

Bumper making himself comfortable with Harry and Cleo, looks very delighted to know that they can roam free inside the house :).

Uh oh! Looks like Harry is in a bad mood today. Take it easy Bumper..

 Genica with Harry, Cleo and Bumper the new member of the family.


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