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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cats ~ The Joy Of Having One

They say "A dog is a man's best friend", but for me it is definitely a cat. Having cat as a pet is not as hard as other think. I believe dogs can be a more demanding pet that cat this is merely because, according to my observation, cats are more independent compared to dogs. Cats are passionate pet especially if their human companions treated them with constant love since their young age. Although sometimes they tend to demand more attention.

Contrary to what other people might think about cats, I believe they are not harsh all the time. They too know how to play especially the young kittens. I just love to watch them play with a dangling piece of string or a yarn ball. These behavior of cats can help them develop their hunting skills. I use to tie a string with a small bouncing ball on tip of it for my pet Maxy. She loves to lie around on a piece of rug too and sometimes playing, leaping in it as if it was an imaginary prey. With other cats, Maxy love to go on wrestling with them like they never get tired. And sometimes she sends me a message that she wants to play with me when she follows me wherever I am and suddenly playing with whatever it is I'm doing. Mirrors are her favorite too. She is always stunned seeing another cat on the mirror not realizing that it is her figure. Spots produced by a flashlight is another one that she wanted to chase.

Watching my pet play gives me inner piece that I can't explain and of course releases tension during the day. Just running my fingers in her fur relieves stress and seeing her happy makes me happy and contented too.


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